Our Mission is to empower local governments, businesses and citizens anywhere in the world to better understand and to improve their communities.  To enable this, we have developed a cloud platform that leverages state-of-the-art urban simulation, 3D visualization, and shared open data.   Our platform started from research on urban simulation coordinated by Paul Waddell at the Urban Analytics Lab at the University of California, Berkeley, and we are now making the fruits of this research broadly available to urban areas across the globe with a new UrbanSim Cloud Platform, planned for release this fall.  The UrbanSim Cloud Platform is a cloud-based urban simulation and visualization platform ready-to-use for over 400 metropolitan regions in the United States, and will enable anyone in the world to use their own data in combination with shared open data to begin leveraging the most advanced tools for analyzing and planning urban development and infrastructure available today.  Contact us to learn more about subscribing to the UrbanSim Cloud Platform combining advanced urban simulation, shared data, and a web browser interface with 3D urban visualization.

Registration for the upcoming UrbanSim User Meeting November 3-4, 2016 is now open.  The meeting will be hosted by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) in San Francisco.   We will be launching our UrbanSim Cloud Platform at the user meeting, and will add platform details to this site to coincide with the meeting.




Some of our clients

This list of clients includes clients of our previous organization, Synthicity: