Redefining the Trial Experience

Thank you for your interest in UrbanSim. As always, we're developing more powerful tools and more interesting user experiences to help answer some of cities' toughest questions about how to guide their futures. 

With UrbanSim, you'll be able to create infrastructure and land use scenarios to help evaluate different policy and investment options. Some tools or services help with analytics. Others offer a sort of digital paintboard to visualize different possible build outs. UrbanSim does both, using spatial analytics and cutting-edge visualization to allow you to not only see but also understand policy and investments' impacts.

It's early June, and we're redesigning our trial experience to help you--planners, strategists, citizens, journalists, businesses--get a feel for what we do and how it could change your view of what's possible for urban scenario planning.

So check back with us in July: we'll have a blog moving along, and a guide to a new trial program that will be more responsive and accessible than ever before.


The UrbanSim Team
Berkeley | Buenos Aires | London