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The UrbanSim Cloud Platform has now been launched and we have begun delivering it to users that have already executed a master subscription agreement and purchase order. The initial release focuses on the census block version of UrbanSim that has been built for approximately 400 Metropolitan Areas in the United States.  We will soon add parcel and zone variants of the model to the platform, with user-provided data uploading capabilities.  Due to this sequencing, we will initially provide 30-day trial licenses to Metropolitan Planning Organizations, cities and counties in the United States that are interested in evaluating the use of UrbanSim at a census block level, and can process orders quickly for users that wish to subscribe to the platform.  As soon as we have the zone and parcel versions ready to release, we will begin providing trial licenses to users interested in those, including users outside the U.S.  For academic users, we will be providing free subscriptions for use in the metro area in which the institution is located.  Commercial users (e.g. consulting firms, planning and development firms) will be able to access trial licenses as well, for a specified area.  Those interested in more localized planning and design capabilities at a site level will need to wait for our release of additional features supporting this scale of planning activity, expected later in 2017.

If you would like to register for a free 30 day trial subscription of the platform, please fill out the registration form below.  By submitting this form to request a 30-day trial license, you agree to the terms of the trial license. Please review the terms before submitting the subscription form.  There is no cost to the 30-day trial, and the trial is set up for use on one example database, for the Minneapolis-St Paul metropolitan area in Minnesota, using the census block version of the UrbanSim model system.  It is limited to 5 simulations of 5-years for the purposes of this free trial.  Once the trial period expires, you will be prompted to give us feedback and to upgrade to a full subscription.


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